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Waterproof Flooring Glendora

Water spills happen, that’s just life. But your floor doesn’t need to suffer because of it. By installing waterproof flooring in certain splash zones like the kitchen and bathroom, you’ll never have to worry about water stains or mold infecting your home ever again. At A&M Carpet and Flooring, we have so many different options to choose from for the best selection of waterproof flooring near Glendora!

Types of Waterproof Flooring

Just because you need waterproof flooring doesn’t mean you have to be limited to one or two options. Depending on the look and functionality you’re going for, there are a number of ways you can style your home while protecting your floors from water damage

Waterproof Flooring
Floor Type Description
Laminate Wood Laminate wood flooring is our first choice when it comes to waterproof qualities. Its composition is able to repel moisture which makes mopping a viable cleaning method.
Hardwood When protected with a sealant, hardwood flooring can be just as waterproof as laminate flooring while giving you all of the other added benefits of its durable structure.
Tile Tile is already naturally water resistant, but we also offer glazed ceramic tile for even more protection. Glazed ceramic tile is especially ideal for a beautiful bathroom.
Carpet Although not everyone’s first thought when it comes to waterproof flooring, there are some carpets available that are able to repel moisture to a degree.


Hardwood floor Installation

Why Expert Installation Matters

Having your new waterproof flooring installed by just anybody won’t get you what you paid for. Some people try to save a few bucks by hiring someone under the table to install their floors, or even attempt to do the work themselves. Shoddy work will leave cracks between tiles and floorboards which water can leak through. If water finds its way underneath your floor to where you can’t see it, you’ll end up with hazardous mold without even realizing it. To protect your health and the quality of your home, it’s best to go with experienced and licensed contractors like those at A&M Carpet and Flooring.

If you’re worried about spending too much on installation, A&M Carpet and Flooring offers the most affordable prices near Glendora so you can have a beautiful and protected home without breaking the bank.



A&M Carpet and Flooring is guaranteed to have waterproof flooring to compliment your Glendora home. Our massive showroom is always seeing new samples for an extensive catalog for you to choose from. Call us at 909-596-9480 to schedule your free estimate and get started on improving your home to handle any and all water accidents!


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