Reclaimed Wood Flooring in San Dimas

For over 30 years, A&M Carpet and Flooring has been helping families, business owners, contractors, and designers get high-quality flooring at reasonable prices. We strive to provide you with the best service to help you find the flooring that perfectly fits your needs. When it comes to reclaimed wood flooring, we offer an assortment of wood with a rich history and unique colors and grains. To get started, visit our showroom today or give us a call at 909-596-9480.

What is Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

Reclaimed wood comes from material previously used elsewhere. It may be sourced from old barns, industrial warehouses, railroad trestles, or factories. It always has unique history and can provide a classic and stylish look in residential or commercial properties. Further, reclaimed wood flooring is environmentally-friendly since most wood was harvested between 100-300 years ago.

Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From?

Funny enough, most reclaimed wood flooring comes from wood used in other parts of a building. Only a small portion was likely used as a floor before. Thus, making reclaimed wood often involves turning framing timbers and beams from other buildings into flooring materials. When wood is reclaimed, it is put in different grades based on the characteristics of the wood.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood?

In the past, wood was in abundant supply. Americans used wood to build warehouses, barns, factories (especially during the Industrial Revolution). Most of this wood came from trees that were harvested in the 1700s and 1800s. Further, this wood came from slow-growing hardwood trees that took up to 400 years to grown and mature. These trees grew slowly, making them strong and dense. Today, this hardy wood offers many benefits as hardwood flooring.

The most beautiful types of reclaimed hardwood flooring

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Sturdy and Durable

Typically, reclaimed wood flooring comes from virgin growth timber. Virgin growth timber grows slowly and produces wood with a denser grain. This makes reclaimed wood a great option for especially stable, strong and durable flooring.

Eco-Friendly Wood

By its nature, reclaimed wood flooring is converted from one purpose to another. Therefore, instead of having to cut down more trees and process new wood, reclaimed wood helps meet some of the demand for hardwood flooring in today’s world. Further, it is less demanding to process reclaimed wood than new wood.

It is Unique!

Reclaimed wood has a classic appearance because of weathering, how it was cut, and its age. These factors can add personality to your home or commercial property. Additionally, reclaimed wood often comes in varieties of wood from species that are not readily available today, offering different grains and colors.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring from A&M Carpets and Flooring

If reclaimed wood flooring is in your budget, it is a great option to consider. It can help add a classic look to a modern home and it also looks great when renovating older homes. It is always unique and always tells a story. To get started, visit our showroom today or contact us through our website.

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